Breeding Sires




Bull calf with excellent beef pedegree!
Gladiator P (born on 14th of January 2014) is the son of our great cow Ginger P and the Swiss Tradition Braunvieh bull Ivan (Lorenz x Rico). Gladiator P has e very special pedigree: All of his male ancestors (i.e. Ivan, Lorenz, Rico, Mars, Roli) have positive progeny tests in beef traits. Currently Ivan is the Swiss Tradition Braunvieh sire with the highest breeding value for growth and conformation, who is available at AI in Switzerland. With 99%, Gladiator P has a very high proportion of purebred Swiss Tradition Braunvieh. The genetically hornless, well-proportioned bull calf Gladiator P will be used in the future as our herd bull.

Currently our cows and heifers are bred to the performance tested Swiss Tradition Braunvieh AI-Sires Iwan (Lorenz x Rico), Adonis (Delwin x Gold) and Atlas (Meatmaker x Mandi). The AI-Bull Atlas was born on our farm.