Breeding Femals




The lively breeding goal!
Gianduja P (Joker x Roli) is the grandmother of our young Sire Gladiator P. From the G-line, which the base dam Goldi (V: Jubilar Beromünster) is decreasing, we have some beautiful cows on the farm. Gianduja P is one of the finest cows in our herd. With her big deep flanks Gianduja P has a lot of capacity, perfect feet and legs and a well-fitting udder. Thanks to their high milk yield their calves have very high daily gain. Gianduja P inherited an excellent muscling. With 95.9 % Gianduja P has a very high percentage of Swiss Tradition Braunvieh blood.


Ox 5256 is a direct descendant of Gianduja P and the AI-bull Ivan. The ox is horned because his mother Gianduja P is heterozygous polled and his father Swiss Tradition Iwan is also horned. In the first year, the ox spent the summer with his mother in the high mountains. He was slaughtered at the age of 20 months. He reached the highest conformation grade (CHTAX grade C). The carcass weight was 295 kg.




A cow with the famous ancestor RCB Black Uno-ET!
Gaja P is a direct daughter of our excellent base dam Goldi and our former Sire Beefboy–ET whose grandfather was the famous American Braunvieh-bull RCB Black Uno-ET. Gaja P has the excellent muscling and the skin color from RCB Black Uno-ET. Gaja P has a great capacity and her calves impress with their excellent muscling.




Beef genetics at its best!
Gina P is the full sister to our young sire Gladiator P. In her veins there is flowing the blood of outstanding meat performance sires (e.g. Ivan, Mars, Roli). The well growing heifer Gina P shows already now a very good body depth. Gina P holds purebred Swiss Tradition Braunvieh bloodlines of 99%. She is pregnant by the positive performance tested Swiss Tradition Braunvieh bull Adonis (Delwin x Gold).




Assured Braunvieh beef genetics!
Balena P is impressing by her enormous body depth and her very good muscling. She is also a very good dairy cow, what is shown in the very high weaning weight of her calves. Balena P originates from our “B” line which has been founded by our base dam Blesa Menzingen. On the bull side she goes back to the two beef cattle herd book sires Joker and Swiss Tradition Meatmaker, who have been grown on our farm. Balena P holds high purebred Swiss Tradition Braunvieh bloodlines of 95.9%.